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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Come Back Trail

Suzanne Gaudet and the girls have won 4 straight to fight their way into a tie-breaker today at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts! Way to go girls!
They have a rough road ahead of them. Only one team has ever come from a tie-breaker to win. But all they can do is play their best.
Yesterday afternoon was crazy. PEI has been at 5 losses for days now, and seemingly out of it. Yet, yesterday morning things began to change. Nova Scotia, who has had a bad week, had a big upset and pummeled Ontario - making Ontario have 5 losses. Saskatchewan, near the top all week, spanked British Columbia - sending B.C. down to 5 losses. Then, yesterday afternoon, PEI won over the Yukon/NWT, keeping themselves at only 5 losses. Teams Canada, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are clear above the rest of the field, they are in the playoffs. The fight is now on for the fourth and final playoff position.
Saskatchewan is playing Alberta who has only 4 losses. My mother hates the Saskatchewan team and is cheering for Alberta. I try to explain that a Saskatchewan win is our only chance and we have to cheer strategically. She does not get on board. It is a tight game - with Saskatchewan coming out ahead! Alberta now has 5 losses!!!
Only one team remains in the competition with 4 losses - the team we always cheer for, our comrade, our fellow island - Newfoundland and Labrador. It is hard but I have to do it, I have to cheer against Newfoundland. Go Nova Scotia! At least their opponent wasn't a hated Western rival. It is easier to cheer for N.S. then for a western team. It is a tight game but N.S. wins!!!!!!! Newfoundland and Labrador now has 5 losses!!!
So it comes down to the final draw of the round robin on Thursday night. The first three teams know their positions. 5 teams are tied in 4th place with 5 losses fighting for a chance at the final playoff position. Alberta and B.C. are playing each other. One will be out and one will be into a tie breaker position. Newfoundland and Ontario are playing each other, each with 5 losses. One will be in, one will be out. PEI is playing N.B.. They are in charge of their own destiny. If they win, there will be two tie-breakers on Friday to decide that final playoff spot. If they lose, the Scotties is over, and only one tie-breaker will happen. PEI smokes N.B. 8 - 3 and gain a tie-breaker spot!!!!!!!!!
So as Friday dawns, this is the story. Alberta and Ontario play the first tie-breaker. The loser goes home, and the winner plays PEI in the afternoon in the second tie-breaker. (The coveted bye into the second tie-breaker (one less instant elimination game to play) was decided during a draw to the button before the tournament even began! Way to go Suzanne!) The winner of the second tie-breaker (PEI FINGERS CROSSED) officially wins 4th place and is the playoffs.
The playoffs then start tonight. Canada and Saskatchewan are in the coveted 1-2 game. The winner goes directly to Sunday's final, and the loser gets a second chance in the Saturday semi-final. The 3-4 game is Manitoba against whoever makes it out alive from the tie-breakers. The loser of that game goes home, with the winner making the semi-final on Saturday. The winner of the semi-final plays the final on Sunday.
So a team in the 1-2 game can win the Championship with either 2 wins, or a loss and then 2 wins. Alberta, in the first tie-breaker, has to win 5 straight games to win. PEI, with a bye into the second tie-breaker, only has to win 4 straight games. Are you starting to see why only one team has ever won this coming out of a tie-breaker?
Yes, it is a tough road ahead, but I am really proud of the girls. We started the week 1- 4. We had 5 losses on Tuesday afternoon. 5 losses has only made the tie-breakers 3 times in the history of the Scotties. They could have thrown in the towel at any time. Instead they made a big come back and won 4 in a row. Great job. And thanks Nova Scotia!! Without your two wins yesterday, we would be on the golf course!
So keep your fingers crossed for a great day of curling!


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