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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Scotties Tournament of Hearts

The Canadian National Women's Curling Championship is on this week. This has been sponsored by Scott paper products for over 20 years, and until this year has been known as the Scott. This year they changed it to the Scotties. It is driving me frackin' nuts. I hate name changes of any kind. Plus, PEI's Suzanne Gaudet is having a horrible week. There were a lot of big expectations on her this week as she had reassembled her Junior World Championship team, but it was a no-go. The level of curling over all has started to pick up though, so the end of the week should be interesting.

On an unrelated note, I tried Lays new Spicy Curry chips this week (I guess not unrelated because their commercials are running during the curling) and I have to say 2 gigantic thumbs up. I could not stop eating them. They are fantastic. Taste like curry. Fabulous!

I also watched Little Miss Sunshine. I wasn't really sure if I was going to like this movie even though it received many accolades, but I really liked it. Heart warming family drama but wickedly funny. A normal mom, her motivational speaker husband who can't earn any money, her Nietzsche reading, vow of silence taking teenage son, her heroin snorting, foul mouthed father-in-law, her suicidal gay Proust scholar brother and her 7 year old glasses wearing beauty pageant obsessed daughter take a last minute road trip to get Olive ( the 7 year old) to the Little Miss Sunshine competition in California. It is really a story about a woman trying to keep her family together but everything pulls them apart. Steve Carrell (for those Office fans) does a great job as the suicidal Proust scholar, especially the scenes where he is interacting with the teenage son. They seem like the only 2 sane people in the movie. It is definitely worth a rent.

For those of you interesting in my exciting book postings, there is a new one, 2 posts down. I saved a draft copy a couple of weeks ago, and I can't get it to post at the top of the page. It is one of my favourite books so far this year ( I am quite behind on my reviews, only 4 done, while I'm in the double digits for books) so I suggest you check it out!


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