The House of DaVinci

Monday, January 15, 2007

Second Kick at the Can

This is DaVinci - the center of the household and the namesake of this blog. Hopefully, this will end up being more than just me talking about my cat - even though she is the most awesome cat in the history of catdom. She loves cheese more than anything, even us, and will take all donations sent. The only thing is she cannot eat low-fat or skim cheese - only full fat for her. Plus, like most cats, she is lactose intolerant so cheese inevitably leads to vomit - so small donations only!

For those of you who have read my first post, you will notice it happened about 10 months ago - a weekend project which never came to fruition. This time I hope to keep up and relinquish some of the guilt of never talking to my friends - both far and away. It will also help me keep a couple of my New Year's Resolutions - read 100 books this year (which I will then review for you kind readers) and cook at least new 50 recipes (you can look forward to a rating of those as well). Plus, I'm sure, sporting commentary and cat chat.


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