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Monday, March 06, 2006

First Post

I am feeling very techno. I have entered the blogging world. We will just have to see if I actually have anything interesting to say or not.

I am slowly recovering from my Winter Olympics addiction. I took my vacation time during the Olympics so I could watch pretty much 24/7. I watched all day long, live, then again in the evening when my husband came home. Watching the reruns was relaxing, because I already knew who won, and who crashed, so I wasn't as tense.

Kelly Vanderbeek, a member of the Canadian Alpine team, had both a great Olympics and a disappointing one. Her best World Cup result up to that point had been a 6th place finish in the Super G. She came down the hill early at the Olympics, and had a great time, and took the lead. Of course, the best skiers in the world were still to come. She waited and waited, and was finally bumped off the podium by the last skier, Michaela Dorfmeister, the best in the world. She was 0.03 seconds out of medal. They say fourth place is the worst result in the world. Thus, the disappointing Olympics. Yet, 4th place! Her best ever! Go Kelly.

Fast forward a week, to Norway, the first World Cup event after the Olympics. A true testing ground for athletes who have had a break through at the Olympics. Was it a fluke or are they really coming into their own. Kelly has a bit of a later start this time ( 16th, the first 30 skiers down the hill are the only ones that matter, and 15th thru 30th are the best in the world in reverse order) and again comes down with the lead. Another waiting game. She ends up 0.01 seconds out of the gold medal position. 0.01 seconds out of first place! Wow, a best ever performance...but wait! She MISSES the podium again. Three skiers came down the hill faster and tied for first place! 3 gold medals were given out, and no other medals. Kelly stands in fourth place again, yet only 0.01 seconds out of a gold medal. It was the craziest thing I ever saw, and I'm sure has never happened before. But it proves one thing. Kelly Vanderbeek is on fire, and I can't wait until she finally hits that podium.

Anyway, I suppose I should be sharing more about myself, as opposed to Canadian athletes, but I was trying to see if I had anything to say! I'll share more about myself next time.


  • At 10:52 PM, Blogger Ali said…

    YAY! Welcome to blogging! Please do talk about atheletes or whatever interests you, because you are then making it interesting for me, and I'm learning! Nothing says you have to talk about yourself.


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